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Katie - our 'WOW Student'

[ Updated with Katie's WOW photo! Congratulations again! ]

Every now and then, our teachers at Gold Star English experience a Wow! moment, when they see some student(s)' improvement in reading, writing, confidence or creativity so amazing that deserves special recognition.

We have therefore created 'Wow Student of the Month'.

This month, we have given this award to our Student Katie. She has got it for working so well on her Ditties and writing work in recent weeks.

​Katie has tried hard and as a result grown more confident in spoken and written English. Some of the writing she has done has been really creative and imaginative. For example, we can see from looking at her work that at the beginning of June and end of May,she was writing simple sentences such as ‘I am hot’ or ‘I am not’ but since July she was already reading and discussing more advanced sentences such as hot chips and a can of pop from the shop’ and writing sentences with reasonings behind them such as ‘get up mum the sun is up’ and ‘I want hot chips with ketchup’.

She has really pushed herself to write words she is unfamiliar with (e.g. ketchup, nothing) and talk about reasons behind choosing those words.

Katie, congratulations and keep up the good work!

All we can say is: Wow!

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