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Is your child struggling to read and write in English?

Our highly popular Flash Phonics course gives children the interest and ability to read in English, setting the foundations for lifelong learning. 
Suitable for aged 4-6 years.

Our team is supporting children from these schools right now

Course Overview


The exam focussed approach of many schools has proven to be counter-productive in nurturing young readers. An overwhelming majority of educational institutions lack the tools to be able to provide a deeper, more systematic style of learning to truly engage pupils in reading.


GSE Flash Phonics employs tried and tested methods used by the U.K.'s top schools to give children the tools and confidence to read in English and re-ignites children's passion in reading. All of our teachers possess years of experience teaching in formal schools in the UK, but most importantly, care deeply about our children’s progress.

What will your child learn?


  • Learn English like a native: Our highly structured synthetic phonics course is based on proven methods used in the top schools in the UK, combined with our years of experience in Asia.

  • Fall in love with reading: No more fear of reading English books. We develop your child's phonemic awareness, blending, segmenting and recognition skills. Your child will learn to read and write faster and better.

  • Think in English intuitively: Through our Phonics songs, stories, games and other proven methods, our native English teachers can support your child build a native-like intuition for the English language.

  • Improve English grades: This course helps your child naturally build the ability to hear, identify and manipulate phonemes. Proven track record in improving children's English grades at both international schools and local schools.

What makes us special?


  • First-class Teachers: Our caring teachers are UK Qualified with years of phonics teaching experience at public and private schools.

  • Personalised Education: Your child's unique strengths, weaknesses and learning styles are fully assessed and celebrated. They are taught in a safe and small class (usually 3-4, max 6).

  • Authentic UK Phonics materials: We use tried and tested methods from U.K.'s top schools to give children the tools and confidence to read in English and re-ignites children's passion in reading.

  • Parent Collaboration: We provide support and offer regular tips for parents who do not use English at home, so we can work together to support children learn to read at school and at home.


Our Teachers

Ms. A. Lockyer

UK Qualified Teacher (Creative Writing), 5 years’ teaching experience in the UK at state schools and significant experience in working with children

Mr. E. Enstone

UK Qualified Teacher (PGCE), 7 years’ teaching experience in the UK / France / HK at public and private schools

Ms. C. Holliday

TEFL qualified teacher with a B.A. degree and several professional diplomas in nutrition & sports psychology.  Qualified Nurse.

Ms. I. Hughes

PGCE qualified teacher with a B.A. / M.A. specialising in early years music education and creativity.

Ms. K. Dunn

PGCE qualified teacher with a B.A. / M.A. specialising in sports and marketing.

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Soon he started to pronounce words accurately and his English teacher at school was delighted with the progress he’d made.  Now English has become his favorite subject.

Parent Catherine


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