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Write Away. Fuel creative writing. Improve reading comprehension.

My children enjoy their writing class at Gold Star very much. They are progressing continuously and their English ability is much more advanced than their peers of the same age at school.

Parent Angela

Write like natives


Our well structured writing course progressively develops your child's reading comprehension and writing skills, by combining proven methods that are used in native English-speaking countries and our local experience. Structured marking system provides unbiased feedback for parents.

Learn to solve problems


Don't rely on teachers & parents to give the answers. Our courses are designed to encourage children to sound-out sentences, spot their own mistakes and produce their own written work. 

Build ambitious vocabulary


Move beyond simple words, by using 'Gold Star Superwords'. These are carefully selected words that support children to articulate more clearly and easily in their writing. 

Fun rules and grammar


Proper spelling and grammar don't have to be boring. Our course will help your child naturally and cheerfully learn the rules of writing sentences, paragraphs and stories, with the right spelling and grammar.

Personalised for your child


Write Away is suitable for children aged 6+ years. Children need to have prior knowledge of reading and writing basic sentences. 


We group children with compatible levels and in small classes (max 6):


Level 1: 45 lessons (1 hour each). 

Level 2: 48 lessons (1 hour each).

Level 3: 70 lessons (1 hour each).

Gold Star English Curriculum

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