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Bright Sparks.  Our authentic British School Curriculum.

A big thanks to Gold Star as my son, Hayden got accepted by Harrow after attending classes there, without Gold Star I don't think we could have got this wonderful offer, it's a dream come true.

Hayden's mum

4 in 1  


Bright Sparks combines listening, speaking, reading and writing in one comprehensive course to help your child get to the same English level as P3-P6 of top schools in the UK. 

Best of both worlds


Analytical or creative? We say both! Bright Sparks uses a variety of methods to build analytical skills (e.g. effective research skills), whilst celebrating creativity (e.g. through open discussions and presentations).

Ready for International Schools


We focus on developing capabilities that are critical for success at international primary schools, secondary schools and ultimately universities, such as independant learning, original thinking and problem solving skills. 

Be a lifelong global citizen


Your child will learn to appreciate global cultures from a young age. We will guide students to analyse, discuss and create stories, poems and non-fiction works from a wide-range of cultures and historical periods. 

Personalised for your child


Bright Sparks is suitable for aged 7-12 years. Children need to have prior knowledge of reading and writing sentences. 


We group children with compatible levels and in small classes (max 6). 

Gold Star English Curriculum

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