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Are you looking 100% personalised private lesson for your child?

Our Private Tutorial teachers span a range of subjects and courses to produce a made-to-measure lesson plan specifically targeted for your child’s learning.


Suitable for aged 3+ years.

Our team is supporting children from these schools right now

Course Overview


GSE Private Tutorial lessons enable children to branch out academically and form into independent thinkers. The holistic nature of our lessons empowers children to realise their own objectives, learn vital study skills and overcome individual obstacles at their own pace.


Whatever your child needs support with; speak to us. We will provide a comprehensive learning plan in a way that's most suitable for your child.

What will children learn?


  • Become critical thinkers: Children build up the confidence to express their ideas, hone them, and use them effectively when challenged.

  • Master academic skills: Children begin to master good, focussed academic skills through the consistent nature of the lessons.

  • Learn important study habits: Teachers lay down the foundations for lifelong study habits, which in turn enable the children to become more organised, confident and effective learners.

  • Manage their time: Lessons are strategically structured so that the children begin to pick up a sense of when and where their study routines should be carried out. 

Why makes us special?


  • First-class Teachers: Our caring teachers are UK Qualified with years of teaching experience at public and private schools. They know what make your child tick. 

  • Personalised Education: Your child's unique strengths, weaknesses and learning styles are fully assessed and celebrated. They are taught in a safe environment where mistakes are accepted as part of learning.

  • GSE Diverse Teaching Methods: We don't just teach by the book, our teachers use a variety of engagement techniques (such as games, reading, drama, arts) to keep children motivated.

  • Parent Collaboration: We provide support and offer regular tips for parents, so we can work together to support children re-gain their confidence in learning.


Our Teachers

Ms. A. Lockyer

UK Qualified Teacher (Creative Writing), 5 years’ teaching experience in the UK at state schools and significant experience in working with children

Mr. E. Enstone

UK Qualified Teacher (PGCE), 7 years’ teaching experience in the UK / France / HK at public and private schools

Ms. C. Holliday

TEFL qualified teacher with a B.A. degree and several professional diplomas in nutrition & sports psychology.  Qualified Nurse.

Ms. I. Hughes

PGCE qualified teacher with a B.A. / M.A. specialising in early years music education and creativity.

Ms. K. Dunn

PGCE qualified teacher with a B.A. / M.A. specialising in sports and marketing.

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