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Is your child too shy to speak in English?

Our Speak Easy course is specifically designed to enhance children's confidence to speak English in social interactions and public.


Suitable for aged 3+ years.

Our team is supporting children from these schools right now

Course Overview


Is your child struggling with spoken English? You are not alone. Due to large class sizes, formal schools are often too overrun provide specialist support. Other learning centres tend to offer nonspecific courses taught by inexperienced teachers. GSE Speak Easy can help you unlock your child’s English speaking potential.


GSE Speak Easy combines a safe, nurturing environment together with years of UK teaching experience to produce specialist English support at your child’s key developmental stages. Children benefit from small, focussed classes punctuated with a variety of engagement techniques such as reading, conversation-starters, flashcard games and more.

What will your child learn?


  • Shy no more: Teachers address core issues surrounding children’s confidence, building up from one word to full sentence answers.

  • Boost vocabulary, the fun way: Rather than bore children with repetitive memorising activities, we teach language acquisition through an immersive program of 80 different everyday themes.

  • Intuitive English: Children learn how to think, speak and write just like a native English person, without resorting to mental translations.

  • Prepare for school interviews: We have proven track record of helping assist children into top international and local schools.

Why makes us special?


  • First-class Teachers: Our caring teachers are UK Qualified with years of teaching experience at public and private schools. They know what make your child tick.

  • Personalised Education: Your child's unique strengths, weaknesses and learning styles are fully assessed and celebrated. They are taught in a safe and small class (usually 3-4, max 6).

  • GSE Diverse Teaching Methods: We don't just teach by the book, our teachers use a variety of engagement techniques (such as games, reading, drama, arts) to keep children motivated to learn and speak.

  • Parent Collaboration: We provide support and offer regular tips for parents who do not use English at home, so we can work together to support children re-gain their confidence in English and general social interaction.


Our Teachers

Ms. A. Lockyer

UK Qualified Teacher (Creative Writing), 5 years’ teaching experience in the UK at state schools and significant experience in working with children

Mr. E. Enstone

UK Qualified Teacher (PGCE), 7 years’ teaching experience in the UK / France / HK at public and private schools

Ms. C. Holliday

TEFL qualified teacher with a B.A. degree and several professional diplomas in nutrition & sports psychology.  Qualified Nurse.

Ms. I. Hughes

PGCE qualified teacher with a B.A. / M.A. specialising in early years music education and creativity.

Ms. K. Dunn

PGCE qualified teacher with a B.A. / M.A. specialising in sports and marketing.

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We wanted to express our thanks for the work that you did with our son. You have turned a quiet little boy into a confident speaker.

Parent Jacky

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